Unesco Heritage Site the Ruins of Bagan Myanmar

Rachel Dicker Travel specializes in planning customized trips for luxury travelers.  

We use our expertise and worldwide network of travel partners to create journeys uniquely tailored to your preferences.  

We aim to be your trusted travel partner and want to work collaboratively with you to bring your travel dreams to life.

Our Specialized Process

Intelligence Gathering

We schedule a free initial call to discover more about you,  your travel style and overall goals. This opportunity allows you to tell us about your budget and provide information about your travel companions.

Some questions we will ask are:

  1. What type of “pace” do you want from your vacation?
  2. What are the best and worst travel experiences you have had?
  3. What type of hotels do you like and what makes them so good?
  4. What would you like to avoid all together? 

The more we know, the better we are able to customize your trip.

Data Collection

Once it’s determined that we are a good fit, you will be sent our traveler questionnaire that collects information such as preferred membership programs, credit card numbers, passport information etc.

Connecting the Dots

This is where the fun begins!  Together we will sketch an outline of your trip and start to put the puzzle pieces together.

We take into consideration all that we have learned and we draw on our carefully cultivated partnerships to find the right accommodations, guides, activities, sightseeing, transportation, and extraordinary experiences to make your trip just right.

Review and Revise

After reviewing the itinerary we have put together it’s time to fine-tune and confirm all necessary lodging, activities and transportation needs. 

Final Documents

Shortly before your trip you will receive your final itinerary with all the information necessary for your trip (confirmations,  contact information, destination information, etc). 

Post Trip Recap

We will connect once you’ve returned so you are able to tell us the things that you loved – and didn’t  – about your trip.